About us

Our mission is your admission

Seeing “Congratulations!” when you first open your college acceptance letter is an amazing feeling. Everyone’s excited: you, your friends, your parents, and even your next-door neighbors.

At Red Ink Review, we live to help hopeful applicants like you experience that feeling for yourself—whether you’re applying to a college across the street, across the country, or across the globe.

Do you really need editing?

Absolutely. Even best-selling authors have editors who help polish what they’ve written. You may start with something good. But to get accepted, you need to end with something exceptional. And that’s where our editors come in—we take your essay to the next level.

Your success is our success

When you officially become a student, we know we’ve succeeded. And our applicants have become students at notable colleges such as...

... and many more.

How we do it

We focus relentlessly on quality in every essay we edit. This is how we maintain 3-5x higher acceptance rates than college-reported averages.

What do we mean by “quality?”

Of course there’s the standard spelling, grammar, and syntax checks. But we go far beyond. We use three different editors throughout the inking process. This adds multiple perspectives and ensures each essay is not only error-free but extremely refined.

Our editors are literary artists who bring your essay to life. Our goal is for reviewers to want to admit you based solely on your essay, which we’ve seen happen in many cases.

Company values

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Quality is the core of our work. We don’t believe in rushing. Creating a perfectly worded essay in a week provides a better chance at admission success than producing an average essay in two days.

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We want our editors to be proud of where they work. And there’s no greater pride than being inclusive of those who are proud to be different—regardless of gender, religion, sexual orientation, or other distinction. We proudly support LGBT, gender equality, and cultural diversity.

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We appreciate and respect our editors, which is why they choose when they work. After all, creativity can strike at any time, and we want them to create at their best. We also support continuous development in writing and editing skills to ensure our editors stay ahead of the curve.

Enough about us. Let’s get you accepted.

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